IWCA Makes First Appearance at ProWein

Sustainability and organic viticulture as key themes for the upcoming trade fair.

Reading time: 1m

Devil’s Advocate: Carbon Footprints and Taxes are Going to Change how we Drink

Robert Joseph considers the ways in which consumers may be driven to buy more locally-produced wines, with lower alcoholic strengths.

Reading time: 3m 30s

Glyphosate Authorization Proceeds in the EU

Despite the European Commission's proposal to extend the glyphosate authorization for another 10 years not receiving a qualified majority in the Appeals Committee, the extension is proceeding. But there will be new requirements.

Reading time: 2m 30s

Light Bordeaux Bottle Introduced

The European glass manufacturer Verallia has introduced the Bordeaux Air 300G, a very light Bordeaux bottle.

Reading time: 1m

Inadequate Environmental Conditions for EU Funding

The European Court of Auditors has sharply criticized the distribution of EU subsidies for viticulture in a special report.

Reading time: 1m 15s

Austria’s Wines Show Environmentally Conscious Winemaking at Its Best

Austria was the first country in the world to cultivate a farm according to organic principles. In the century since, the commitment to nature has only become stronger.

Reading time: 3m 15s

Penedès Goes Organic

The Spanish DO Penedès aims to include an organic requirement in its specifications by 2025.

Reading time: 1m

Devil's Advocate - Is It Time for the Wine Capsule To Go?

Why do wine producers keep putting capsules on bottles? Robert Joseph considers the issue.

Reading time: 3m 15s

Mezzacorona: Sustainable And Innovative

From 11 to 1600 – in 1904 eleven founding members established the first wine cooperative in Mezzacorona, in Trentino. Since then, generations of families have devoted themselves to cultivating grapes and conserving their habitat.

Reading time: 2m 50s