Beyond Greenwashing

Sustainability has become mainstream and is a crucial factor in wine production and sales. But how can credible sustainable customer engagement be achieved? 5 tips for a sustainable communication by Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker. 

Reading time: 4m

Pernod Ricard Stakes €2.1bn Financing on its Sustainability Performance

'Green' bonds of one kind or another are increasingly popular among companies seeking to show off their environmental good behaviour. The interest rates Pernod Ricard will pay for its latest refinancing deal depend on the French giant living up up to its commitments.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Stop-Go in UK Approach to Recycling

The topic of glass recycling is at the heart of quite different discussions in two parts of the UK. An initiative, backed by the London Wine Trade Fair is attempting to clarify the situation.

Reading time: 2m 10s

Piper Heidsieck - Going Sustainable as a B Corp in Champagne

Piper Heidsieck was the first Champagne house to be certified as a B Corp. Meininger’s talks to Emilien Boutillat, the company's winemaker, who was responsible for the certification of his brand, Charles Heidsieck and Rare Champagne.

Reading time: 7m 30s

Travis Braithwaite: the Man Behind Michel Rolland's Multi-Country Wine

Young South African, Travis Braithwaite, persuaded the world's most famous wine consultant to join forces with him in creating the world's first super-premium, five-nation Bordeaux blend. Robert Joseph wanted to know how this all happened.

Reading time: 11m 30s

Accolade to Sell Banrock Station Winery

The Australian wine group Accolade Wines is looking into selling the well-known Banrock Station winery in the Riverland. However, the brand will not be part of the deal.

Reading time: 1m 15s

Champagne Telmont Goes Light

Champagne house Telmont is making a switch to lighter bottles - As early as 2022, the maison had announced a departure from the 835-gram bottle already in widespread use in Champagne and launched a test with a lighter 800-gram bottle.

Reading time: 1m 46s


EU: Are New Greenwashing Regulations on the Horizon?

The EU Commission has proposed a directive against misleading environmental and sustainability claims. The EU Parliament and the European Council must approve the proposal for it to come into force.

Reading time: 1m 15s

Meininger's International Wine Conference Returns

The first post-pandemic edition of Meininger's International Wine Conference dedicated to sustainability, struck a nerve in the industry.

Reading time: 3m 30s