The EU Generates €52bn in Tax Revenue From the Wine Industry

The wine industry contributes €130 bn to the EU's gross domestic product (GDP). While it represents only 0.8% of the EU’s total GDP, it accounts for almost half (47.9%) of the entire EU primary sector, including agriculture, forestry and fisheries.  

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A Proposed Tax Is Dropped and Argentine Wineries Breathe a Sigh of Relief

With an inflation rate of 160%, the last thing Argentine producers needed was a tax increase. Daniel López Roca reports that there has been some relief.

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Netherlands Increases Alcohol Taxes

The consumption of (partially) de-alcoholized beverages is expected to continue growing.

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WHO Demands Tax Increases on Alcohol and Sugar

WHO calls for global tax hikes on "unhealthy products", including wine.

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UK Wine Trade Escapes Another Damaging Tax Rise

Despite widespread rumours to the contrary, Wednesday brought the news that the UK is to escape another tax hike that would have meant that the government's share of the price of any bottle would have risen by nearly a third since July.

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Winners and Losers from Russia’s New Taxes on ‘Unfriendly Countries’

Despite many companies pulling out of Russia since the invasion of Ukraine, wine imports have risen. Increased duty rates on wines from 'unfriendly countries' are, however, now likely to have a radical impact on the range of wines on offer. Sergey Panov reports.

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Confusing New Wine Taxes Threaten UK Wine Market

In the 1980s and 1990s, the United Kingdom was the world’s most valuable and influential export market for wine. Largely as a result of increased competition from other countries, more recently exacerbated by Brexit, it has lost that role. A new tax regime will make it even less attractive to exporters. Robert Joseph reports.

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Higher Alcohol Taxes Reduce the UK's Appeal as an Import Market

Britain is one of the three most important wine markets in the world — but its finance minister has just savagely raised the tax on wine and spirits. Robert Joseph considers the likely impact on the UK’s position as a target for exporters.

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UK Government Reverses Budget and Raises Alcohol Taxes

British wine drinkers are set to pay significantly more for their wine.

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