Uber to Close Drizly, its Billion Dollar Alcohol Delivery Business

In February 2021, Uber paid $1.1bn for a young start-up called Drizly. Now that business is to close.

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Devil's Advocate: Why I'm Looking Forward to ´Wine Goes Tech`

On the eve of ProWein, Robert Joseph will be joining a number of illustrious speakers to discuss the way technology is changing the wine industry.

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The 11 Threats and Opportunities for Wine in 2024

Robert Joseph considers where wine sits in the context of tectonic global events, and offers a few signposts...

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Wine Goes Tech

MEININGER'S INTERNATIONAL and our German sister magazine WEINWIRTSCHAFT have chosen "Wine Goes Tech" as the theme for the next Meininger's Wine Conference. Across a range of talks and presentations, we will be looking at the opportunities and challenges that technology in its various forms now offers the wine business.

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New AI-Powered Guidance for Wine Investment Emerges

The Virtual Wine Advisor from eWibe recommends wines based on algorithms and AI - not for consumption, but as an investment.

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Is AI the Solution for Everything?

Alexandra Wrann explores ChatGPT's potential in the wine industry – but notes there are limits.

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New B2B Platform Launched for Streamlining International-Italian Wine Trade

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has launched "Smart 365", a dedicated B2B online platform aimed at enhancing and simplifying international business interactions within the Italian wine sector.

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Devil’s Advocate: Who’s Buying Your Wine? How Are You Talking To Them?

Like wines, wine drinkers come in many forms, shapes and sizes. And just as it would make no sense to sell every kind of wine in the same places and in the same ways, effective producers understand how to channel their messaging appropriately toward the people who are most likely to be receptive to it.

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Amazon Proves an Alternative Route to Market in Germany

Amazon’s lack of focus on the wine sector has made the platform an attractive option for German distributors who have learned how to exploit it. Felix Bodmann explains.

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