Puro: Beyond Electropop

Dieter Meier has lived many lives. His success has far surpassed his musical and winemaking careers. Iris Trenkner-Panwitz reports.

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His most popular wine: Puro Malbec
His most popular wine: Puro Malbec

The history of "Puro" is relatively young. But the history of its creator is all the longer - an almost unbelievable vita full of creativity and restless passion. Nothing about this is revealed by his almost unspectacular name and the beginning of his career. There are 15 lives in one, as the all-rounder says. 

15 lives in one

Dieter Meier was born in Zurich in 1945 and studied law in the 1960s. Then he changed his life and became a professional poker player and founded his electropop group "Yello", which took the music industry by storm. In addition, he became the director of numerous films and music videos, including "Big in Japan" by the group Alphaville. Later he also appeared in front of the camera as an actor, worked as a writer, was a golfer and fashion designer before he finally discovered his new passion: organic farming.

"Agentinia is an agricultural El Dorado – everything that is planted here becomes gold. There is still a lot potential."

Ojo de Agua

Argentina had captivated him since a visit in his childhood. In 1996, in addition to 2,200 hectares of land, he acquired the "Ojo de Agua" estate in Agrelo. It is located in the province of Mendoza, overlooking the picturesque silhouette of the Andes. The name means "eye of the water" because thousands of gallons of spring water flow through the farm.

Like the new owner, it has a great history. In 1868, Pedro Luro founded the estate, which for decades became a haven for equestrian sports and breeding. Due to its ideal climate and soils, the farm is home to internationally renowned racehorses.

Organic viticulture

Dieter Meier recognized the great potential of the site and began to raise cattle. He also became a restaurateur and chocolatier. Finally, he dedicated his passion to organic viticulture, searching for the best terroirs in the valleys of Mendoza and the province of Salta. His search led him to plots up to 3,000 meters above sea level.

"We selected our vineyards according to the micro-climates, the mineral content of the soil and the quality of the water," says the pioneer. "The wines should express their terroir. We want to bottle the flavor of Argentina while respecting and preserving nature.”

The name “Puro” stands for bold, natural and sustainable wines, Meier continues. Among his eight certified organic wines, one of its most popular varieties is the typical Argentinean Malbec.

Meier is assisted by the winemaker, Marcelo Pelleriti, an oenologist who also has a sideline in the music industry. Today, Meier's daughter Eleonore is taking over the business.

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