Wine Future 2023 Is a Major Event for the Global Wine Industry

Meininger's is now a key media partner for the fourth edition of the Wine Future conference in Portugal.

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The Market for Burgundy Is Cooling

The most renowned Burgundy wines are currently experiencing a decline in value. However, this downward trend is not likely to last long.

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English Wine Sales Slow. Production Volumes Rise. Strategy Is Confused

The UK is on track to be a surprisingly high-volume wine producing region. But sales have slowed, raising questions over future industry strategy. Robert Joseph reports.

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Portugal to Tackle Oversupply

The Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture allocates up to €20m to distill overproduction.

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Bordeaux is Drowning in Downy Mildew

The Bordeaux region has been hit by a serious downy mildew wave, and the damage is still not clear.

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Champagne Sets Yields

The Comité Champagne in Epernay has confirmed the harvest volume for 2023. Despite high quality and high demand, the yields have been decreased.

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Douro Boys Call for Reforms

In an open letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and the IVDP, a group of 26 producers, winemakers, and journalists have called for urgent reforms to the wine industry in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Douro Valley.

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Ciatti Report: It's Quiet on the Bulk Wine Market - But There Are Great Opportunities

As is normal for July, with summer holidays underway, the Northern Hemisphere’s bulk wine markets are quiet. But now could be an opportune time to build a brand.

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Smaller Harvests Impact the Bulk Wine Market

The 2023 vintage from Argentina enters the bulk wine market with a very low harvest. Prices are not as high as they should be due to the poor harvest.

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Confusing New Wine Taxes Threaten UK Wine Market

In the 1980s and 1990s, the United Kingdom was the world’s most valuable and influential export market for wine. Largely as a result of increased competition from other countries, more recently exacerbated by Brexit, it has lost that role. A new tax regime will make it even less attractive to exporters. Robert Joseph reports.

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“Riesling is incredibly close to our heart” – Best of Riesling 2023

The Riesling marathon is over and the winners have been determined: almost 1,600 wines from 14 countries of origin entered the race and were on the tasting tables from mid-May to early June. The Australian 2022 Logan Ridge of Tears Riesling Orange was chosen as the best “dry Riesling from the New World”.

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Fine Wine on the Decline?

As traditional investment assets see growth in the second quarter, the fine wine marketplace "Liv-ex" finds itself grappling with a decline in value, and it's not alone in its downturn.

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Australia Hopes to Replace China With Other Asian Markets

Following the collapse of its Chinese market, Australia has been forced to adapt its strategy and target emerging Asian markets. Peter Douglas reports.

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The EU Proposes a Framework for Healthy Soils

The EU Commission has published a proposal for a legal framework to better protect soils. Until now, there has been hardly any legal basis for soil protection, in contrast to air and water, which is why the EU Parliament and other institutions had called on the Commission to develop one.

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South Africa Has a Historically Small Harvest

South Africa experienced a cool harvest season that resulted in low volumes for the 2023 vintage.

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