Employee Accused of Wine Theft Worth €500,000

In France, an employee of a winery is accused of stealing expensive wines from several employers.

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Négociants Face Fines for Undercutting Winemaker Prices

Two merchants in France were penalized for purchasing bulk wine from producer Rémi Lacombe at prices below the production cost, establishing a significant legal precedent.

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Challenges Arise in Austria's Push for Vineyard Classification Reform

Austria is planning to introduce a vineyard classification model inspired by the Burgundy system. However, resistance is brewing within the country.

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Prosecco Extends Its Protection Beyond the Wine World

DOC Prosecco Triumphs in Court Against English Phallus-Shaped Sweets.

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Jura Cult Winery Suspected of Laundering Money

The French judiciary has seized the assets of Domaine Ganevat as it investigates money laundering allegations.

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Two Spanish Companies Accuse Each Other. Both Are Charged

The CEOs of Spanish wine giants Félix Solís and García Carrión have been summoned to court.

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Chinese Entrepreneur Charged Over Misused Subsidies

A Chinese multimillionaire and entrepreneur is being charged with using state subsidies to acquire 25 Bordeaux châteaux.

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Former Employee Accuses Champagne House of Fraud

A woman is suing her former employer, the Champagne house Didier Chopin. According to reports from France Bleu Champagne-Ardenne and L'Union, Ludivine Jeanmingin is accusing her ex-boss of having used wine from the Ardèche and Spain for making "Champagne".

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Red AOC Entre-deux-Mers Set to Launch in 2023

With the 2023 vintage, the Bordeaux AOC is embracing red wine. Paul Kern is at the scene.

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