Susana Balbo: Argentina’s Wine on the Global Stage

Susana Balbo is one of Argentina’s leading winemakers. She has also been thrice elected as president of her country’s wine association, a role that gives her unique insight into its wine industry. Robert Joseph picks her brains.

Reading time: 9m


Bordeaux Reduces its Surplus

A combination of a small crop, vine-removal and crisis distillation seems to be returning Bordeaux stocks to a more balanced level.

Reading time: 45s

Pfalz Wine Ambassadors to Wear Lapel Pins in Place of Crowns

Two women and one man make up the new #teampfalz and are competing for the title of Pfalz Wine Ambassador. Instead of a crown, they will now wear a lapel pin.

Reading time: 1m 45s

The Allure of Wine Expertise

A survey by Weinfreunde.de shows that wine knowledge is in vogue.

Reading time: 30s



A Snapshot of Turkey’s Wine Market

Turkish winemakers have to contend with strict prohibitions and high costs. But, as Irem Eren, DipWSET reports, it hasn’t stopped the growth of a small but enthusiastic sector.

Reading time: 7m 30s

The Pernod Ricard Sale Marks the End of a Wine Era

The news that the owner of blockbuster wines like Jacob’s Creek and Brancott Estate is selling them is a sign that wine has fundamentally changed. Chris Losh weighs in.

Reading time: 2m 30s


Finally, Some Good News About Smoke Taint

Smoke taint is a scourge that can ruin a harvest. But as Jeff Siegel discovers, research has unlocked some answers.

Reading time: 5m

First Greeks Join IWCA

With Kir-Yianni joining, wine producers from 12 countries are now members of the sustainability initiative.

Reading time: 2m 15s

Eight in Ten Californians Certified for Sustainability

Almost two-thirds of the US state's vineyards are farmed sustainably - and productivity is high.

Reading time: 30s

Les Jamelles Modernizes Itself

The traditional French brand for varietal wines is undergoing a visual relaunch.

Reading time: 30s