Armenia, Organic, Champagne & More: Meininger Verlag at ProWein

At the Meininger Stand, Hall 4, Stand A40, the publishing house offers a varied tasting and seminar programme with top-notch speakers. It's advantageous to arrive early because it's “first come, first served.” An overview of the programme.

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Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris Attracts Over 41,000 Visitors

The first major international wine trade fair of the year was a success – and a step up from last year.

Reading time: 4m 30s

France Sees Dip in Wine Exports Amid Economic Challenges

France managed to export wine and spirits valued at €16.2bn in 2023, marking a decrease of one billion. Wine experienced negative growth across all categories.

Reading time: 3m

US Grocer Merger Could Mean Less Shelf Space for Wine

Two giant retailers are proposing a merger. If it goes ahead, it could have a significant impact on the American wine market. Jeff Siegel reports.

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Devil’s Advocate: Time to Rethink the Drink?

When a host says 'can I get you a drink?', they're rarely offering No-Lo wines or sparkling tea. Robert Joseph suggests that, despite not containing any alcohol, these are ‘drinks' too – and deserve rather more recognition than they're currently given.

Reading time: 3m

The New Wine Markets of Central Asia

As Silk Road tourism grows and the countries of Central Asia become wealthier, wine markets are emerging. Felicity Carter hears one expert describe the situation.

Reading time: 6m

German Winegrowers Face Rising Costs and Falling Incomes

Farmers in Germany face fluctuating earnings, making subsidies an important part of their income. In 2023, their earnings were high — but there are huge differences in the sector. 

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Meininger's Wine Conference: Wine Goes Tech

Within the wine industry, the rapid advancement of technology presents a wealth of thrilling prospects. These will be prominently featured at Meininger's Wine Conference, under the theme: "Wine Goes Tech: From Robots to AI, From Vineyard to Shelf."

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Camping in the Snow for DRC

From New Year's Day, some die-hard wine enthusiasts camped for a month outside the doors of Vinmonopolet in Norway, aiming to get the best selection from the new releases on February 1st. The dream: Domaine Romanée-Conti.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Leading Rioja Producer Goes Bust

A major Rioja producer, once among the highest-grossing in the region, is forced to sell all assets due to bankruptcy. Accusations of wrongdoing are being made.

Reading time: 1m

60,000 Liters Down the Drain

In a suspected act of sabotage at a winery in Ribera del Duero, an unknown individual spilled wine valued at an estimated €2.5m.

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