Susana Balbo: Argentina’s Wine on the Global Stage

Susana Balbo is one of Argentina’s leading winemakers. She has also been thrice elected as president of her country’s wine association, a role that gives her unique insight into its wine industry. Robert Joseph picks her brains.

Reading time: 9m

Finally, Some Good News About Smoke Taint

Smoke taint is a scourge that can ruin a harvest. But as Jeff Siegel discovers, research has unlocked some answers.

Reading time: 5m

A Blow to Wine Research, While Influencers Face Hard Times

A lot happened in the world of wine this week, from trouble among the influencers, to Spain’s government making a financial commitment to the wine sector. Here are our top reads.

Reading time: 4m 15s

Spanish Bulk Wine Under Fire from EU

Spanish bulk wine is turning up in bottles and bag-in-box from Portugal to Germany, but surplus stocks in Portugal have prompted producers and regions to call for greater controls – some even want quotas on wine imports from Spain. Barnaby Eales reports.

Reading time: 7m

A Snapshot of Turkey’s Wine Market

Turkish winemakers have to contend with strict prohibitions and high costs. But, as Irem Eren, DipWSET reports, it hasn’t stopped the growth of a small but enthusiastic sector.

Reading time: 7m 30s

Recap of the Week: Chaotic Shipping, Tea-Bag Inspired Gin

Introducing the Meininger’s Recap: a quick look at some of the most interesting stories to appear recently.

Reading time: 4m 30s

Research Shows Wine Enhances the Impact of the Mediterranean Diet

Clinical trials from Spain have concluded that wine is an important component of the Mediterranean diet. Felicity Carter spoke to the lead researcher.

Reading time: 6m 45

Why Should People Drink Wine?

And here is a contribution to the debate from Lorenzo Biscontin, consultant, author and founder of Vinophila Wine Expo. 

Reading time: 2m 15s

Rethinking the Term 'Neo-Prohibition'

Rod Phillips, noted wine historian and Professor of History at Carleton University, examines the popular new phrase 'neo-Prohibition'.

Reading time: 5m

Innovation Rather Than Destruction: A Better Path Forward for the Global Wine Industry

Ben Bentzin, Associate Professor of Instruction at the University of Texas, responds to Robert Joseph's suggestion that 15% of the world's vineyards may need to be uprooted. What are your thoughts?

Reading time: 2m 30s

Bordeaux Vineyard Lose Half Their Value

In large parts of Bordeaux vineyards can be bought for 45% less than five years ago. Elsewhere in France some specific appellations fared far better than others.

Reading time: 3m 45s

Vineyards Are Shrinking Worldwide: the Evidence

Last week, in his Devil’s Advocate column, Robert Joseph made the bold – and in at least one reader’s view ‘alarmist' - prediction that 10-15% of the world’s vineyards might need to be uprooted. Here, we consider some of the evidence that supports the figures.

Reading time: 2m 45s

After Explosive Growth, French Rosé Sales Slow

The French are drinking less wine - including rosé which had been enjoying spectacular growth. Exports of pink wine have fallen too.

Reading time: 6m 45s

US Wine Industry Fights Back With New Marketing Campaigns

It might feel like it’s all gloom and doom in the wine industry right now, but two separate groups are creating positive energy around wine. Felicity Carter reports.

Reading time: 6m 30s

Will Lawyers Drive the Move Towards US Neo-Prohibitionism?

US campaigners are beginning to talk about litigation against the alcohol industry. Robert Joseph considers some worrying legal precedents.

Reading time: 6m