James Harden's Lightning-Fast Wine Sale in China: A Blueprint for E-Commerce?

NBA All-Star James Harden sold 10,000 bottles of his wine within seconds during a live stream in China. Peter Douglas wonders if the Chinese e-commerce model be considered a template for e-commerce worldwide?

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Blending Worlds: The Rise of Wineries Producing Artisanal Spirits

More and more wineries are discovering a second source of income—distillation. Roger Morris looks at the wineries taking advantage of the market’s thirst for spirits.

Reading time: 8m 45s

How Do You Sell Wine Succesfully?

Most wineries make every mistake when they sell their wine. With a new generation of consumers now quickly moving on to spirits and cocktails, the world of wine better solve the problem soon, or it will be left far behind. Paul Wagner wrote a book about it.

Reading time: 4m 50s

What Can the Failed Sale of a Russian Vodka Brand Teach Wine?

Russia used to be almost synonymous with vodka. Today, consumers are happy to pay a higher price for examples of the spirit that come from France or the UK.

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Trend Awareness

When does a trend emerge - and when is it conjured up? How often have we marveled at the emperor's new clothes in recent years and ultimately discovered that they are just old rags after all? A commentary by Alexandra Wrann, Editor-in-Chief of our sister publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT.

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The Baseball Sommelier

One of the most famous baseball teams in the US has formed a partnership with a leading Master Sommelier.

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Georgia: Caucasus Blues

Georgia has so far been able to preserve an independent wine culture. The Soviet legacy is still visible, but it is crumbling as the cards are reshuffled. Simon Werner reports.

Reading time: 7m

RAW-mania: Organic Wine from Romania

From mass producer to premium wines to purveyor of hip natural wine - is Romania making the leap into the 21st wine century? Alexandra Wrann reports.

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Ukrainian Publisher Announces Global Wine Travel Award Winners

Despite the constraints of the war with Russia, Drinks+ is helping to shine a spotlight on the best wine tourism initiatives in East Europe and beyond.

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Sustainable wine tourism: the next big thing?

Environmentally viticulture and solar-powered wineries are not entirely compatible with encouraging visitors to fly and drive long distances to visit them. Roger Morris considers how the wine industry is going to square this circle.

How to make the best use of government subsidies

Across the global wine industry, the availability of grants and subsidies varies widely, but as US expert, Toni Scott explains, the way in which wineries go about applying for this helps can be very important.

Pulling back the veil: What’s the secret of post-pandemic wine sales? 

Your customers might love your wine, but they likely don’t understand the unique wine industry challenges you’ve faced throughout the pandemic. Being transparent about these issues can help you build stronger connections with consumers - which can help you boost sales. Marketing expert Toni Scott talks about transparency in customer relationships.

Want to sell more wine in 2021 and 2022? Focus on online branding and sales

In a three-part series, marketing expert Toni Scott gives tips for more trading success as a guest author. Part 1 is all about online presence.

Online Wine Tastings: The German Winemakers’ Perspective     

Online wine tastings were booming during the pandemic. Scientists at the Hochschule Geisenheim University wanted to know how winegrowers deal with this new marketing tool.

Winery customers as brand ambassadors

As more winery sales go digital, branded gear proves to be a winner. 

Roger Morris has explored the world of wine merchandising.