Casa Vitivinicola Tinazzi srl – visionary from Veneto

Casa Vitivinicola Tinazzi srl – visionary from Veneto
Casa Vitivinicola Tinazzi srl – visionary from Veneto

To continuously grow a winery and to uncover new opportunities and markets requires bold visions and decisions. The work has paid off for the Tinazzi family, whose motto is „Italians Inside“. In less than 50 years, the family has built a flourishing, exportfocused company with two wineries.

Would an 18-year old really be interested in building a winery with his father? In 1968, when many of his contemporaries were more inclined to disassociate themselves from their parents, Gian Andrea Tinazzi, said yes to his father Eugenio’s invitation to join the family vineyard he had founded. The love for wine had to have been a strong motivation even back then. The initial difficulties (the winery was first housed in the basement of their residence and looked more like a businesstrading firm) were overcome together; Gian Andrea was ambitious, enthusiastic, full of energy, and also quite persistent. The quickly expanding wine trading company, focusing on DOC wines from the Veneto for the gastronomy, soon became a larger vineyard in the Cavaion Veronese. Gian Andrea was responsible for the business and opened up international markets. In the same year, the company bought a historic vineyard, the Tenuta Valleselle in the hills close to Bardolino. Today, it is used to organise wine and cooking seminars.

In the 1990s, the export business was going well; Giorgio joined the company and handled marketing. Gian Andrea Tinazzi significantly expanded the business in 2002 by building a modern cellar in Lazise close to Lake Garda. Here, production was all under one roof, and this is where the company now is housing its head office. At the same time, the company expanded for the first time beyond the borders of Veneto: Apulia had always been a temptation for the passionate winemaker, and he finally purchased the vineyard Feudo di Santa Croce in Carosino in the Salento area. Today, the company offers wines from the Veneto and Apulia, but also Tuscany, the Abruzzi, and Sicily, of course in the honoured Tinazzi quality, because when wine is life, good wine quality is also quality of life.

The brand-new Tinazzi logo, which was introduced at the end of 2012, is a bottle made from mosaic pieces. This art form brings Tinazzi’s character to the forefront: The different facets of winemaking and the Italian joy of life are combined here.



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Via delle Torbiere, 13
37017 Lazise (Verona)

Tel.: +39 045 6470679
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