Cavino S.A. - A Dynamic Tradition

Cavino S.A. - A Dynamic Tradition
Cavino S.A. - A Dynamic Tradition

In 1958, Constantinos Anastassiou founded a wine-growing operation in his hometown of Aigion, which is located in the north of the Peloponnese. He called his operation Cavino: His initials are CA, and vino, so that everyone would know right away what it was about. Constantinos Anastassiou watched international wine preferences closely. His was one of the first Greek wineries to export to Germany, predominantly to Greek restaurants.

German consumers liked their wine smooth at that time. He developed the Imiglykos especially for them. The light and sweet, fruity red and white wines accompanied countless gyros and dreams of holidays. The product portfolio also includes semi-dry and dry wines, and of course the Retsina, the resonated white wine, which has its passionate enthusiasts.

Constantinos Anastassiou and his wife had two sons: Theodoros and Jiannis. The two children happily grew up amongst the vines and the cellar, and they naturally grew into the business. At the turn of the millennium, Constantinos Anastassiou passed the business on to his sons. Jiannis was entrusted with the management of the business, and Theodoros was appointed the company’s president. The desk of their father, who has since passed away, is still where it used to be.

One year before the reigns were passed to the next generation, another new course was charged for the company. By purchasing the cloister vineyard Mega Spileo, Cavino moved toward the terrain of high-quality location wines. The brand portfolio was expanded by the Deus product line, which has appealing wines from autochthon and international grape varieties. Another important segment for Cavino is the production of top-quality spirits under the brand name Romios. Ouzo, Tsipouro (the Greek grape brandy) and a classic digestif made from Muscatine grapes are traded under this name. With approximately 62 employees, Cavino is today one of the biggest employers in the region.

In the meantime, Jiannis has had three children: twin sons and one daughter. There is no doubt that the three, just like their father and uncle, are growing up amongst the vines and the cellar and that they are experiencing the business first hand and from the ground up. The third generation after Constantinos Anastassiou still has a lot of time before taking over, and, maybe, charting a new course again. Their grandfather’s desk, however, will remain where it is.



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