Delicato Family Vineyards - A Californian dream

Delicato Family Vineyards - A californian dream
Delicato Family Vineyards - A californian dream

1924, Gaspare Indelicato emigrated from Italy to the United States and settled in the Lodi area of California. Already an established wine region in California, Gaspare made Lodi his home where he began making wine and growing grapes for neighbours and friends. 

As his family grew, his three sons became more involved in the business. They began to establish long-lasting relationships with grape growers as well as began farming their own vineyards in what we know today as the top growing regions in California; Lodi, Monterey & the world famous Napa Valley, where they have their prestigious Black Stallion Winery. Today, overseen by the 3rd generation Indelicato family members, Delicato Family Vineyards is one of the leading family owned wineries in California and is the 4th largest exporter of the top 10 California wineries.

From the beginning, Gaspare never neglected quality, and his children and grandchildren are doing the same. Always strive for the best quality – that is the most important family motto. For this reason the winery is working closely with the grape suppliers, in order to fulfil the high criteria placed on these wines. In the cellar, winemakers are constantly striving for improvements and are always looking for new ways to showcase the origin of the wines even more. How successful they are in doing so is evidenced by the numerous awards the Delicato wines have received worldwide.

For Delicato Family Vineyards, the vineyard areas are the most important capital of the business. The long-standing good relationships with the grape growers guarantee that they treat their vineyards with care. At Delicato, their own vineyards are treated with respect for sustainability with the goal of being able to farm these vineyards for many generations to come. One of the vineyard workers expressed it the best: “This is just reasonable cultivation, plain and simple!” Backed by more than 80 years of experience, the Indelicato family know where to find the best grapes for their wines in what they affectionately called their “quality triangle”. Its corner points are Lodi, Monterey, and the Napa Valley; 3 of the premier growing regions in California. This is where the foundations for the consistently high quality of the wines come from.

Family, quality, and sustainability: these are the cornerstones, on which the success of the Delicato wines rests. The winery is still family-owned, and with these cornerstones the family believes it will stay this way.




Delicato Family Vineyards

455 Devlin Road
Napa, CA 94558

Tel.: +1 707 265 1700



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