Gróf Degenfeld - Noblesse oblige

Gróf Degenfeld - Noblesse oblige
Gróf Degenfeld - Noblesse oblige

Tokaj – the name of the complex, dry to elegant sweet white wines from Hungary lighted up the eyes of wine enthusiasts and continue to do so today. The fact that this is the case after politically difficult times is linked up with the Degenfeld family.

The Counts of Degenfeld in the 19th century were among Hungary’s most important noble families. In 1857, Count Imre Degenfeld was one of the founding members of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine-Growers Association – one of the most influential organisations in the region. After World War II, his descendants were forced to leave the manors and built up a new life in the Federal Republic of Germany. Their daughter, Countess Marie Degenfeld, married Dr. Thomas Lindner. Nobody imagined that the next chapter of the family’s history would soon be rewritten in Tokaj.

Image removed.Dr. Thomas Lindner loves red wine. One of his dreams was to own a twohectare vineyard area in the best Bordelaise location. He saw no reason to hesitate, however, when in 1994 his father-in-law told him about the opportunity to buy old family land at an auction. Dr. Lindner ended up owning 100 hectares of the best Tokaj locations, all of them white wine areas! Challenges are made to be overcome. Gróf Degenfeld is now one of the leading wine companies for Tokaj wines. Since 2009 the vineyard areas have been cultivated organically. 200 tons of mould yearly, algae extracts for pest control and nature-orientated greening between the vines are part of the concept. Gróf Degenfeld today is the biggest organic winery in Hungary. The enterprise puts emphasis on an excellent price/quality ratio. There are numerous proves for the excellent quality as the wines by Gróf Degenfeld are continuously honored with national and international awards.

In 2003, the Degenfeld family added a new feature to the Tokaj beauties: In a listed building complex, they opened the four-star country house hotel Gróf Degenfeld. Here, modern comfort meets the stylish elegance of the 19th century. The hotel’s restaurant mostly uses products from the region and from its own organic cultivation. And there are also further projects to increase the attractiveness and economic force of the region. Nobility is a duty, and Gróf Degenfeld shows how wonderfully this motto can be lived.



Gróf Degenfeld

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