Penfolds made in China

Penfolds, the renowned brand of Australian wine giant Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), is also producing in Ningxia, China (as Meininger's has reported). The first Chinese Penfolds wine is to be launched in October - first exclusively in China, but a global launch is planned for mid-2023, as reported in the Chinese trade media Vino Joy.

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Wine in China (Photo: jpgon/
Wine in China (Photo: jpgon/

Due to China's harsh punitive tariffs against Australian wines, TWE had to find creative solutions to be able to further place its popular brand in China's important market. The solution is now called "One by Penfolds", a wine line consisting of four different wines with three different origins (France, USA and China).

The packaging keeps Penfolds' corporate identity with the iconic lettering but complements the label with pictorial elements by Israeli artist Ori Toor, which are meant to emphasise the respective origin of the wine. Penfolds also partnered with the Agricultural University of China on the production to promote local winemaking talent and the wine region. Each of the wines from the new line is to be available for a retail price of 288 RMB (approximately €41.38) per bottle in selected fine wine retailers across China, as well as online.




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