Devil's Advocate: Time to Promote Wine on the Rocks

Robert Joseph wonders whether now might be the time to start promoting wine as a drink to enjoy on ice.

Reading time: 3m

Devil's Advocate: What's Happening to Oak? Have we Passed Peak Barrique?

Robert Joseph takes an offbeat look at the changing way that oak is viewed by the wine industry.

Reading time: 4m

OIV Reports That Red Wine Is Losing Its Appeal

The latest OIV Focus 2023 looks back across the last 20 years and finds a dramatic shift in style from red to white and pink.

Reading time: 4m

Here’s Why Austria’s Wines Age So Well

Wine lovers already understand that Austria’s wines are fresh and lively. But they also age extremely well. 

Reading time: 4m

Engineered Yeast for Custom Wine Flavours? Manage Your Expectations

Yeast can help give wines flavours such as vanilla and raspberry, but more complex flavours are still trickier, and making Trebbiano taste like Sauvignon Blanc is still some way off, as Erika Szymanski of Colorado State University explains.

Reading time: 5m 15s

Bigger than Zin - Is Bourbon Barrel Wine a Passing Fashion or Here to Stay?

Maturing whisky in sherry casks has a long and distinguished history, but traditionalists scoff at the idea of briefly storing wine in barrels previously used for whiskey. With highly profitable sales of around 20m bottles per year and the involvement of top US brands, however, bourbon barrel-aged wine is a sector that needs to be taken seriously. Sarah Phillips McCartan reports. 

Reading time: 5m 30s

Butter and Bourbon

Buttery and Bourbon-flavoured wines may not be the favourite styles of many critics, but for brands like Mondavi, they are proving popular and successful