Millésime BIO: Registration Open

Millésime BIO: registrations now open to participate in the biggest professional fair dedicated to organic wines and alcoholic beverages.

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Millésime BIO - the world’s leading exhibition for organic wine and alcoholic beverages
Millésime BIO - the world’s leading exhibition for organic wine and alcoholic beverages

1500 exhibitors, including 15% of new ones, more than 11.000 professional buyers: from year to year, Millésime BIO has become the world’s leading exhibition for organic wine and alcoholic beverages. Focus on the 31st edition, at the Montpellier Exhibition Centre (France) on 29, 30 and 31 January 2024.

Created in 1993, Millésime BIO is today, with 11,000 buyers welcomed every year (wine merchants, sommeliers, importers, wholesaler, etc.), the place to be for the world’s organic community. Founded and organised by Occitan organic winegrowers – Occitania being France’s largest organic region – it is a different and innovative fair: unlike hyper-marketed fairs, all Millésime BIO exhibitors have the same type of stand, and it is open to organic beers, spirits and ciders.

Interesting conversations
Interesting conversations
At a different and innovative fair
At a different and innovative fair

The whole world of organic wines

Every year, Millésime BIO is at the leading edge of production and market trends worldwide.

2024 new features: dozens of wines and beers in refundable bottles, a walk-up tasting area with a selection of biodynamic wines to coincide with the centenary of this approach, a brand-new corner featuring bulk-wine samples and a classified wall presenting available inventories to allow people in the bulk sectors to connect with each other more easily.

Trade fair in Montpellier
Trade fair in Montpellier

Tools for professionals

To find their way, professional buyers have a mobile app with access to the list of the 1500 exhibitors from fifteen countries. They can also participate in the digital session, on 22 and 23 January 2024, to start exchanging and schedule appointments. Last but not least, they will also have at their disposal the new Millésime BIO Challenge award-winning wines and beers. This largest organic wine competition will take place on 17 and 18 January 2024: award-winning wines and beers will be featured at the Millésime BIO Challenge Bar where they can be tasted at attendees’ leisure.

Practical information
  • App to download from now to discover the list of exhibitors
  • Digital session: 22 and 23 January 2024 (register online)
  • Millésime BIO fair: from 29 to 31 January 2024 (register online)
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