Oceanic Differences: Harvests Vary in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand have released very different harvest reports. The focus of the oceanic 2022 vintage will be on white wine.

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Vineyard with kangaroo (Photo: Davide/stock.adobe.com)
Vineyard with kangaroo (Photo: Davide/stock.adobe.com)


Australia's 2022 wine harvest was 2% below the 10-year average and 13.5% below the record set in 2021, according to Wine Australia's National Vintage Report 2022. The average yield per hectare was 12 tonnes, slightly below the 10-year average of 12.55 tonnes/hectare.

The decline in harvest volume affects both grape colours. However, while the red wine harvest is 17% below the previous year's figure and 3% below the 10-year average, the white wine harvest is "only" 9% down on the previous year - though 5% below the 10-year average.

Prices for red wines have been falling noticeably over the last three years, while white wine prices, especially for wine from cool-climate regions, have been rising.

New Zealand

Fans of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc can breathe a little easier after the harvest report from New Zealand Wine. Overall, the 2022 harvest was up 44% on the disastrous previous year to 532,000 tonnes. Especially Marlborough, the most important growing region and home of the famous Sauvignon Blancs, harvested significantly more than in the previous year. About four-fifths of the total harvest was harvested here (415,000 tonnes), and the quantity grew by as much as 54% compared to the previous year. The harvest volume of the leading grape variety Sauvignon Blanc increased by 47% across all regions.




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