Deutsches Weintor: The Blue Fish Wine Series

More than 500 winegrower families in the cooperative Deutsches Weintor – the Gateway to German Wine – have joined forces on some 750 hectares of vineyards to produce top-class wines, including the excellent collection known as Blue Fish.

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The „Deutsches Weintor“ is the namesake of Germany's leading wine cooperative.
The „Deutsches Weintor“ is the namesake of Germany's leading wine cooperative.

In the southernmost part of the Pfalz, just a few hundred metres from the French border in the small village of Schweigen-Rechtenbach, stands a sandstone gate, which is known as ‘Deutsches Weintor’.

This legally protected structure marks the starting point of the German Wine Route, and also provides the name for the cooperative winery that has been shaping the region for 70 years. This co-op is located 20 kilometres further north in Ilbesheim and sets viticultural standards for the area with its impressive wines and a diverse portfolio. Its vines are rooted in a landscape that stretches across gentle hills, providing an ideal home for a wide selection of grape varieties, thanks to a mild climate and sandy soils often based on loess.

Rieslings and an insider gem

Taking advantage of these optimal conditions, ‘Die Weinmacher’ – a subsidiary of the cooperative – developed the concept for Blue Fish in 2005.

Wine shop "Die Weinmacher"
Wine shop "Die Weinmacher"

A hidden gem from the Mittelhaardt is Pinot Grigio (Grauer Burgunder), to which ‘Die Weinmacher’ dedicate a Blue Fish bottling. Fragrant with almonds, mountain flowers, grapefruit and green apples, it complements the two Rieslings beautifully and provides a versatile choice for a great many culinary occasions.

Elegance in blue bottles

The Blue Fish wines are a delight to the palate. Aside from the transparently designed Organic Riesling, they immediately catch the eye with their unconventional blue bottles. These exude pure elegance and serve as a bridge between tradition and modernity. Their finesse and expressiveness make them notable representatives of a great wine culture, showcasing in an inspiring manner why German white wines are among the best in the world.




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