Trapiche: Iconic Ambassador of Argentinian Wine Culture

Since its founding in 1883, Bodega Trapiche has received worldwide recognition for its untiring quest for innovation. The wine estate has understood the promise of viticulture in Argentina like no other and treats the land as its most valuable asset. 

Born at the foot of the Andes, Trapiche Reserve embodies a gifted terroir.
Born at the foot of the Andes, Trapiche Reserve embodies a gifted terroir.

This great respect for the environment is combined with state-of-the-art technology to venture into otherwise unchartered territory. Trapiche pioneered innovations such as the introduction of French varieties, the use of French oak barrels and the production of micro-terroir wines. Sergio Casé, Chief Winemaker states, “To express the essence of unique grapes in our wines is my passion. This leads me to perpetually explore new terroirs. Wine unites family, friends, and special moments.”

Trapiche’s untiring determination to achieve the highest standards in winemaking has resulted in numerous international accolades. The World Ranking of Wines & Spirits has distinguished Trapiche as the most awarded winery in Argentina for four consecutive years. Drinks International awarded Trapiche wines among the “50 Most Admired Wine Brands” in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Trapiche was also named the “New World Winery of the Year” at the Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards in 2019. 


Nine months of oak aging adds harmony and complexity for TRAPICHE RESERVE.


Relaunch of Trapiche Reserve

Trapiche Reserve has been the ultimate expression of high altitude terroir in Argentina since 1883. Born at the foot of the Andes, the brand offers balance and complexity in equal measure. A new sophisticated label highlights the iconic winery building in Maipú and the impressive mountains of Mendoza, thus emphasizing the origin and high-soaring spirit of this line of wines. Sourced from selected vineyards at over 750 metres above sea level, Trapiche Reserve is cultivated as part of the estate’s continual exploration of terroir.


High altitude, generous sunshine and mineral-rich soils at the foot of the Andes produces deeply aromatic Malbec grapes.


Less is more: Trapiche Pure Malbec

A new addition to the assortment is “Pure Malbec”, an unoaked Malbec from the exceptional Uco Valley terroir in Mendoza. It offers the supple tannins and deep aromatic intensity that are the true essence of Argentina’s flagship grape variety. The distinctive character of Trapiche Pure Malbec has already won the hearts of European wine lovers. This free-spirited 100% Malbec is among the top 5 brands in Denmark and has already grown its initial market in the UK 45 %. The brand already shows 35 % growth in Germany. Wine critics are also impressed: Malbec Pure has won five gold medals at Mundus Vini.



Trapiche represents the richness of diversity in Argentina. The house motto “when there is soil, the sky is the limit” inspires Trapiche to explore the country’s terroir in search of new wine experiences. Trapiche is the leading Argentine winery in terms of production and exports, reaching over 80 countries.



Nueva Mayorga s/n
Maipú, Mendoza
Tel. 0261 520 7666



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