Meiningers German Sparkling Award 2022

German sparkling wines showed a high quality in the 2022 tasting. Sekthaus Raumland was awarded with collection of the year.

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43 experts in Neustadt (Photo Credit: AD LUMINA)
43 experts in Neustadt (Photo Credit: AD LUMINA)

Almost 250 German sparkling wine producers participated in the 8th Meininger’s Deutscher Sektpreis - an award for German sparkling wines from traditional bottle fermentation only. 570 sparkling wines were tasted over three days in seven categories. 

German sparkling wine from traditional bottle fermentation has gained a significant momentum in recent years. An increasing number of German wineries produce their own sparkling wine and this in remarkable qualities. 

Premium sparkling wine shows high qualities, it is characterized by various grape varieties and styles, but also by a variety of opportunities to enjoy them - as a classic aperitif or as a menu companion.

New this year was the category of the Premium Riesling sparkling wine, which, analogous to the category Premium Pinot sparkling wine, have been on the yeast for at least 36 months.


43 experts for German sparkling wine evaluated the sparkling wines individually and blindly on the basis of the internationally recognized 100-point scheme. The best six sparkling wines per category then were compared directly to determine the places 1 to 3.


The best collection was provided by the Sekthaus Raumland, representing the benchmark for German sparkling wine, with eleven award-winning sparkling wines and an average score of almost 93.

2016 Winkeler Hasensprung Riesling Sekt brut
2016 Winkeler Hasensprung Riesling Sekt brut


In the category of Riesling sparkling wine, the winery Prinz von Hessen from Johannisberg (Rheingau) wins with their 2016 Winkeler Hasensprung Riesling Sekt brut. Second place went to the Sekthaus Krack from Deidesheim in the Pfalz, which has already attracted attention in recent years. Third place goes to the Kiefer-Seufert winery from Ballrechten-Dottingen (Baden).

2012 avec pläsier Le Grand Riesling brut
2012 avec pläsier Le Grand Riesling brut

Premium Riesling

In the category of the Premium Riesling sparkling wine (at least 36 months on the yeast), the 2012 avec pläsier Le Grand Riesling brut from the winery Schloss Sommerhausen from Franconia convinced with the first place. The second place goes to the winery Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan, Deidesheim (Pfalz), followed by the Sekthaus Raumland (Rheinhessen) in third place.


Pinot brut nature
Pinot brut nature


In the category of the Burgundy sparkling wines, which lay on the yeast for less than 36 months, the winery Klostermühlenhof from Hahnheim (Rheinhessen) wins with its Pinot brut nature. In second place and third place follows last year's winner of this category, Griesel Sekt from Hessische Bergstraße.

Aldinger brut nature
Aldinger brut nature

Prestige Pinot

The victory in the category of the Prestige Pinot sparkling wines (at least 36 months on the yeast) this year goes to a sparkling wine from a winery that  has already won this category in 2017: the winery Aldinger from Fellbach (Württemberg) with its Aldinger brut nature. Second place goes to last year's winner Sekthaus Raumland, followed by Oliver Zeter from Neustadt (Pfalz).

2018 Rosé extra brut Prestige
2018 Rosé extra brut Prestige


In the category of rosé sparkling wines, Griesel Sekt defends its victory from the previous year with the 2018 Rosé extra brut Prestige. Second place goes to the Andres winery from Deidesheim (Palatinate), followed by a cooperation: the 2014 Rosé Réserve brut nature BASF Exklusiv from Sekthaus Raumland.

2019 Grüner Veltliner brut
2019 Grüner Veltliner brut


In the variety category, after winning in 2017 and 2019, Schloss Vaux from the Rheingau with its 2019 Grüner Veltliner brut will once again make it this year. The winning trio is completed by the Hubertus M. Apel winery from Nittel (Mosel) and the Friedrich Kiefer winery from Eichstetten (Baden).

Gelber Muskateller Sekt trocken
Gelber Muskateller Sekt trocken


In the category of dry sparkling wine, which has more residual sweetness than brut sparkling wine, the winery Franz Xaver from Waldkirch-Buchholz (Baden)  wins with its Gelber Muskateller sparkling wine dry. The second place was shared by Bergsträsser Winzer eG (Hessische Bergstraße) and Weingut Albert Lambrich from Oberwesel-Dellhofen (Mittelrhein).

Best Collection 

After Griesel Sekt presented the best collection of the competition for the first time last year, in 2022 the Sekthaus Raumland achieves the best overall result with a total of eleven excellent sparkling wines and an average rating of almost 93 points - thus the award "Sparkling wine collection of the year 2022" was brought back to Flörsheim-Dahlsheim after a one-year break.

Other Top Ratings

In addition to Raumland and Griesel, top ratings for sparkling wines were achieved inter alia by

  • Oliver Zeter (Pfalz)
  • Sekthaus Burkhardt Schür (Franken)
  • Sektkellerei Fitz (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Klostermühlenhof (Rheinhessen)
  • Weingut Bergdolt Klostergut St. Lambrecht (Pfalz)
  • Sektmanufaktur Schloss Vaux (Rheingau)
  • Privat-Sektkellerei Reinecker (Baden)
  • Wein- und Sektgut Barth (Rheingau)
  • Sekthaus Krack (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Braunewell (Rheinhessen)
  • Weingut am Nil (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Bernhard Koch (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Borell-Diehl (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Jülg (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Reinhardt (Pfalz) 
  • Weingut Meine Freiheit (Rheingau)  


The increase in the quality of the sparkling wines in the competition is underlined by the new record of 146 sparklings, which were rated with 90 or more points.


"We have never been able to taste such a wide range of great German sparkling wines. German sparkling wine has more than earned its place in the league of top sparkling wines from all over the world."

Christian Wolf
Director Degustation Meininger Verlag

All results can be found HERE.



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