Excellence from Eastern Europe

Purcari Wineries Group (Moldova) links 200 years tradition with modern technology and marketing / Most awarded producer in CEE.

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Building a National Wine Brand

With over 60 countries represented at ProWein, the challenge facing less well-known ones like Moldova, is how to make their voices heard. Meininger's associate editor, Robert Joseph takes part in a discussion at ProWein.

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Devil's Advocate - Different Strokes for Different Folks

Robert Joseph admits that, when it comes to wine, sharing your opinion of what's right and wrong may sometimes have limited value.

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Moldovan Wine Industry Partners with Sommeliers – and Supports its Neighbours in Ukraine

This week, while partnering with the ASI – Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Moldova’s winemakers also lent a helping hand to their neighbours in Ukraine, justifying the description 'Small Country; Big Heart' by which this country is becoming known.

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Pro-Ukrainian Wine Project

Eastern Europe's wine producers defend themselves against Russian aggression. 

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Small Country with Big Heart wins Big Recognition

Moldova, is a significant wine exporter, despite its small population and area. Until now, however, it has often gone unnoticed. This year, thanks in part to the tragic events taking place in its neighbour, Ukraine, that has changed.

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Russia and Ukraine – the Wider Implications

Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine raises unhappy memories in Georgia which suffered a similar fate in 2008 -  as well as current fears there and in Moldova which will also have to provide sanctuary to Ukrainians who flee across its border

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Moldova about to turn 30

Three decades after the end of communism, Moldova’s wine industry is still finding its feet. Caroline Gilby MW reports.

Moldovan wines on the move

Moldovan winemakers will be out in force at ProWein 2020, showcasing the medal-winning wines that are impressing ever more wine lovers across the globe – and offering you a chance to visit the country.