Cracking the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Wine Markets: Insider Tips

Getting a wine listed in the Nordic monopolies can be challenging ― but there are tips and tricks to make the process easier. Felicity Carter heard some good advice.

Reading time: 5m 30s

Can the Nordic Monopolies Turn the Drinks World Green?

Scandinavia’s five alcohol monopolies have launched a joint program to combat climate change. Petri Pellinen considers its practicality.

Reading time: 12m

Sweden’s Systembolaget Aims for 50% Less Carbon Emissions in Eight Years

The Swedish alcohol monopolist Systembolaget plans to halve its emissions across the entire value chain within eight years. By 2045, the company is aiming for climate neutrality.

Reading time: 50s

New wine app from Sweden

Wine and food pairings at the touch of a button.

Who is Who in Sweden

Elke Jung does a deep dive into Sweden, one of the world’s most important wine import markets.

How to Sweden

Sweden may be a monopoly market, but there are opportunities for wine producers apart from Systembolaget. Felicity Carter explains.

The top distributors in Sweden

Sweden was partially de-monopolised more than 20 years ago and now has more than 1,000 importing companies. Vincent Arrhenius looks at the biggest.