Devil's Advocate: Luxury Wines Beyond Criticism

A pair of leading critics disagree on how to react to a wine they find unimpressive. Robert Joseph weighs into the argument.

Reading time: 4m 45s

Devil's Advocate: The Wine World Needs More Research. Not Less

Australia's Wine Research Institute is shrinking because of a reduction in funds. Robert Joseph believes this matters, and proposes a novel solution to the AWRI's challenging situation.

Reading time: 5m 30s

Devil’s Advocate: It's Not (Just) about the Taste

Why should anyone buy one wine rather than another - apart from because of the way it tastes (and its price)? This is a question Robert Joseph suggests needs to be asked rather more often.

Reading time: 3m 15s

Devil’s Advocate: Wine, Factories and Brands

Robert Joseph takes a whimsical look at some of the language that's used - and not used - in the wine industry - and the exceptionalism it reveals.

Reading time: 2m 15s

Devil's Advocate: Change the Way You Select New Employees

It wasn't the candlemakers who brought us electric light. Why imagine that it will be the wine professionals who are going to save the wine industry?

Reading time: 3m 45s

Devil's Advocate: Time to Promote Wine on the Rocks

Robert Joseph wonders whether now might be the time to start promoting wine as a drink to enjoy on ice.

Reading time: 3m

Devil's Advocate: Falling Wine Sales. Maybe Taylor Swift is the Answer

Robert Joseph considers some of the ideas that are being discussed as ways to counter neo-Prohibitionism. And comes up with a suggestion of his own.

Reading time: 4m 30s

Devil's Advocate: The Need to Uproot 15% of the World's Vineyards

Robert Joseph sees parallels between the wine industry and a huge, dysfunctional furniture manufacturer.

Reading time: 4m

Devil's Advocate: 10 Reasons Why People Want Zero-Alcohol Beverages

Robert Joseph considers the reasons for the growth in the demand for zero-alcohol beverages.

Reading time: 4m 15s