Meininger’s Panel: Where Will Zero Alcohol Products Sit in the Wine Market?

On the first day of ProWein 2023, Meininger's is hosting a panel on zero-alc beverages in the Meininger World of Zero zone.

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Zero-alc panel
Zero-alc panel

Meininger’s Zero-Alc Wine Panel at ProWein.

Zero-alc wine isn’t new. At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr Carl Jung, son of a Rheingau winemaker, came up with a way of removing alcohol from a finished wine. Since then, increasingly sophisticated technology has been developed, and the range of non-alcoholic beverages has exploded. Most professionals would agree that beers and vermouth-style drinks have been most successful, followed by the recent arrival of non-alcoholic gins. Wine – especially still wine and more particularly red - has proved more challenging. Some producers have reacted by creating wine-like non-alcoholic beverages using ingredients including grape juice, tea and vinegar. Others are going even further, making drinks that offer a ‘buzz’ with none of the negative effects associated with alcohol.


In 2013, former TV presenter Amanda Thomson launched a successful zero-sugar wine brand called Thomson & Scott. Six years later, she went on to create Noughty, a zero-alcohol sparkling wine that has become a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.

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What is the future of these drinks? How will they be distributed and who will buy them?

These are questions that will be addressed at a ProWein World of Zero panel hosted by Meininger’s chief editor Anja Zimmer and associate editor Robert Joseph. Joining them will be Irem Eren of BevZero one of the global industry leaders in dealcoholisation technology, gastro-consultant and blogger Nicole Klauss of Die neue Trinkkultur - New Drink Culture – in Berlin, and Australian-born Gerard Higgins of We & Wine, Sweden who has in-depth commercial experience marketing and selling branded non-alcoholic wines in the Scandinavian markets.

SUNDAY, 19 MARCH 2023 (hall 1 A10)

11 a.m.: How will zero alcohol products fit into the wine market? (in English)

MEININGER'S INTERNATIONAL editors Dr. Anja Zimmer and Robert Joseph have invited international guests:

  • Irem Eren (Business Development Director, BevZero)
  • Gerard Higgins, DipWSET (Portfolio and Innovation Director, We & Wine Sweden)
  • Nicole Klauss (Mindful Sommelière, Food Writer, Drink Developer)
Word of Zero
Word of Zero

Furthermore, Mundus Vini will be awarding medals to the most successful dealcoholized wines from its recent tasting of nearly 200 examples from across the world.

The panel will be in the Meininger World of Zero area (A10) in Hall 1, at 11am on Sunday 19th March. The award ceremony will take place at the Meininger stand, hall 4 (4C40) at 10am on Monday 20th March.


Meininger Verlag has prepared an extensive programme in Halls 1 and 4. In addition to master classes at the stand in Hall 4, there will be two tasting zones, one featuring award winners from the MUNDUS VINI wine competition, and the other in the new World of Zero section. And of course, the Meininger International Conference on Sustainability and the Meininger's Award both take place on the eve of the fair.

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You can find the results of the MUNDUS VINI tasting HERE.

And HERE you can find more information about a discussion on Moldova in which our editor-in-chief Robert Joseph participates.


With over 60 countries represented at ProWein, the challenge facing less well-known ones like Moldova, is how to make their voices heard. Meininger's associate editor, Robert Joseph takes part in a discussion at ProWein.

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