How Does Wine Get on the Blockchain? - Forum Blockchain in the Wine Industry

The Forum Blockchain in the Wine Industry is a conference on applications of Blockchain technology in the wine sector. It takes place on July 15, 2022 from 9:45 am to 6:00 pm at Geisenheim University and via livestream. 

Blockchain Technology (Photo: Siarhei/AdobeStock)
Blockchain Technology (Photo: Siarhei/AdobeStock)

Blockchain is not only the basis for digital currencies, but also a technology for tamper-proof documentation of processes and transactions. Regarding future digital technology trends in viticulture, the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) states in its November 2021 study "Digital Trends in the Vine & Wine Sector" that blockchain has the greatest potential of all digital technologies in the wine industry. Use cases already exist from grape growing to distribution and marketing along the entire value chain.

The forum will show best practice examples of blockchain and present research results. Being a networking event to exchange ideas, concepts and applications of Blockchain technology, it brings together companies and stakeholders from the wine industry, innovators and academia.

The event will be held partly in English and partly in German. English presentations are for example:

  • Towards a transparent wine eco system
  • Blockchain in the Italian wine industry
  • The market determines the price
  • Transparency as trust attribute
What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain consists of so-called blocks, that are securely chained together by cryptography. It can automate trust between trading partners and enable the digital transfer of assets. Furthermore, it can be used to store data securely and immutably in a decentralized architecture without the involvement of a central authority. 

The event is hosted at Geisenheim University. Further information can be found HERE.

Link to livestream: 



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