Penfolds Launches Luxury Champagne

To mark their 180th anniversary, the Australians are launching a new champagne in collaboration with Champagne Thiénot. They are aiming to strengthen their existing luxury distribution and consolidate their French ties.

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Managing Director Tom King (left) and Stanislas Thiénot (right) from Champagne Thiénot toast the new project.
Managing Director Tom King (left) and Stanislas Thiénot (right) from Champagne Thiénot toast the new project.

In a collaborative effort with Champagne Thiénot, Penfolds has introduced a new Champagne Cuvée Brut, further reinforcing its connection with the French wine industry. This launch is a key component of Penfolds' 180th anniversary initiatives and extends the momentum from the global introduction of three vintage Champagnes from 2012 at the Ritz Paris in 2019.

This expansion of Penfolds' Champagne lineup was closely managed by Chief Winemaker Peter Gago and Champagne Thiénot's Chef de Cave, Nicolas Uriel. "Penfolds maintains a deep-seated connection with France, driving us to integrate our innovations into the exceptional French winemaking culture continuously. As a global luxury brand active in premier wine-producing regions, it's our privilege to contribute to the French viticultural community, collaborating with local producers and vintners to refine our French wine offerings and present them on an international stage," said Managing Director Tom King.

The Champagne Cuvée Brut is set to be globally available in key markets starting September 2024, with pre-launch tastings offering an early glimpse to clients in the preceding months. This introduction is integral to a broader strategy aimed at enhancing distribution within the luxury segment.

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