Robert Weil Goes on La Place

The Rheingau wine icon Robert Weil exclusively handles the distribution of "Monte Nostrum" through the Bordeaux network.

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"Monte Nostrum" joins the ranks of German wines at La Place. (Photo: Robert Weil)
"Monte Nostrum" joins the ranks of German wines at La Place. (Photo: Robert Weil)

The Rheingau winery Robert Weil has initiated a partnership with the courtier "Bureau Barre & Touton 'Les Vins d’Ailleurs'" and seven additional négociants. Effective from April 2, 2024, the distribution of the winery's Riesling Monte Nostrum will be handled through the global Place de Bordeaux system.

The 2022 vintage of Monte Nostrum is being made available solely in 0.75-liter bottles. The magnum format of the 2021 vintage is scheduled to be presented at the Rheingau VDP auction on March 2, 2024. "The Bordeaux marketplace's renewed interest in a German Riesling of distinction not only highlights the international regard for Robert Weil Rieslings but also marks an essential component of the Riesling renaissance. This resurgence seeks to reconnect with the esteemed position Rieslings from the Rhine and its tributaries held around 1900," says CEO Wilhelm Weil.

High-End Rieslings are emerging on the platform

Over the past three years, the winery has noted an upturn, fueled by robust demand within Germany and flourishing export partnerships across around 50 countries. The success has been significantly bolstered by the demand for Icon Wines, such as Gräfenberg and Monte Vacano.

In recent history, Markus Molitor integrated the Serrig estate into the prestigious Place de Bordeaux system, becoming the first German winery to be traded exclusively through this channel. In 2022, "C.O. Liquid Earth" by Battenfeld Spanier was the first German wine to be included in this platform. PD

Insights Wine

Understanding your customers is the key to long-term success, particularly in the saturated domestic German wine market. This makes it worth paying attention to the latest image and target group study by the German Wine Institute (DWI).

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