2023 Wine Production Plunges to Lowest Level in Six Decades

The wine production forecasts from the OIV indicate a significant decrease, falling by 7% to 244 mhl, marking a historic dip. Yet, this reduction might help to stabilize the international market.

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Albania Becomes 50th Member of OIV

The Balkan nation follows Ukraine, becoming the next country to join the organization.

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OIV Adds Masi to the R&D Consortium

The International Research Alliance of OIV welcomes its first Italian member.

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OIV Elects New Director-General

The New Zealander Dr. John Barker has been elected as the new Director-General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).

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Wine Declines, Table Grapes Rise

The global grape production slightly declined in 2022. However, the production of table and dried grapes surged. Wine is among the biggest losers.

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OIV: New Export and Import Champions

In the annual report on the global wine industry, the OIV highlights significant shifts taking place. Germany is no longer maintaining its position as the world's leading importer, and a new export champion from the New World has emerged. Clemens Gerke reports.

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The Wine Industry Remains Resilient

This year's OIV report takes a look into the industry's challenging state. From the USA overtaking Germany as the world's largest wine importer, to China's wine market continuing its decline. With a focus on supply chain disruptions, inflation, and sustainability, the wine industry is resilient and ready to face the future.

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Vintage 2022: Average Volumes

World wine production in 2022 is again expected to be slightly below average, with differences between the individual winegrowing zones and countries. The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) forecasts global production of between 257.5 and 262.3m. hl of wine and must in 2022. There will be regional differences in harvest volumes, but the market surplus will remain (see HERE). Vincent Messmer reports.

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OIV Report that 2022 World Wine Production has Returned to Average

World wine production in 2022 is again expected to be slightly below average. However, this does not apply to all regions. The differences between the individual wine-growing zones and countries are shown by the assessment just published by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). It forecasts volumes of between 257.5 and 262.3 million hl for world wine production in 2022.

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