OIV Adds Masi to the R&D Consortium

The International Research Alliance of OIV welcomes its first Italian member.

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Masis vineyards
Masis vineyards

The publicly traded group Masi Agricola has become the sixth member of the "Consortium" of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). The Consortium consists of the companies Viña Concha y Toro (Chile), Moët-Hennessy (France), Sogrape (Portugal), Familia Torres (Spain), Yalumba Family Winemakers (Australia), and now Masi. The new addition will contribute its expertise to the OIV, advancing the fields of development and research within the organization. Each of these six companies conducts significant research and development on an international level in their own facilities. They are dedicated to disseminating technical and scientific knowledge within the organization and providing support.

The Consortium members continue to collaborate to identify research areas mutually recognized as priorities for the grape and wine sector. As part of the OIV grants, the Consortium will propose topics for research funding, offer advisory support during the selection process, assist grant recipients when needed, and develop joint communication measures, as stated by the OIV.


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Combining knowledge

"The inclusion of Masi Agricola in the Consortium enriches the quality of research and enhances the international focus of OIV. Without the participation of such an important Italian company, the group would not be complete. Italy is one of the cornerstones of wines, and it had to be represented. We will all benefit from their knowledge and experience," commented Pau Roca, the Director-General of OIV.

Masi, an iconic producer of Amarone, takes pride in becoming a member of the research & development (R&D) Consortium. For decades, Masi has conducted technical seminars on grape drying techniques within the framework of Vinitaly. "There are not many companies in Italy, or in the world, that have such a strong internal structure for vineyard and cellar research and development. With its technical team dedicated to its products for four decades, Masi feels honored to belong to this prestigious and selective group, and is proud to represent Italy with its strengths: the incomparable diversity of grape varieties, the richness of growing areas, and the resulting oenological expressions," explained Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi Agricola.

A new leadership

Furthermore, the OIV has announced a new leadership team for the group. After three years as the Consortium coordinator, Antonio Graça from Sogrape is handing over the role to Marc Brevot, Director of Research and Development at the Robert Jean de Vogüé research center of Moët & Chandon. VC



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