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MEININGER'S INTERNATIONAL and our German sister magazine WEINWIRTSCHAFT have chosen "Wine Goes Tech" as the theme for the next Meininger's Wine Conference. Across a range of talks and presentations, we will be looking at the opportunities and challenges that technology in its various forms now offers the wine business.

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Meininger's Wine Conference 2024: Wine Goes Tech
Meininger's Wine Conference 2024: Wine Goes Tech

The technological opportunities for renewal, optimization, even individualization and specialization have never been better. Information is the key to identifying and to take advantage of the most appropriate applications and expertise.

In marketing, for example TikTok and Instagram have created additional reach and new forms of customer contact, but how are they best applied to the wine industry? What do drones and the precise information they can provide mean for grape-growing? And how can apps that can be used remotely transform the management of a winery?

What is hype today is either commonplace or outdated tomorrow. Everything depends on analysis and understanding, and that is what we are aiming to provide at the Meininger's Conference.

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Big companies are already using AI to get a competitive advantage. Felicity Carter finds out about a new project from Treasury Wine Estates.

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How to deal with AI?

AI - artificial intelligence - is set to pick up speed. Have you already played around with ChatGPT and are you thinking about what benefits it could have? Or are you waiting for the robot that controls important processes completely autonomously?

We are facing exciting developments, perhaps even a turning point. In the future, many automated and even less automated activities will be taken over by technical systems that will provide support and probably even do one or two things better than we can ourselves. This holds countless possibilities.

At the same time, this rapid development leads to many questions and concerns. 

How technologically adept is the wine industry?

Fresh data will shed light on the tech status of the industry - and where there is still some catching up to do. We present projects that make use of technology, from precise plant protection using satellite technology, a data-driven wine cellar and AI-supported sales strategies to wine recommendations via consulting software.

How can you create your own wine with ChatGPT - and how does it taste? What exactly are NFTs, how can they be used in the wine trade - and are they a real game changer or just a lot of blockchain hot air?

We look at how large and small producers can deal with the new possibilities and which systems can be used wisely, even without a large IT department. And we will look at the digital customer journey of the future.

Let’s discuss all of this on Saturday, March 9, 2024 - the day before ProWein - in Düsseldorf!

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Anja Zimmer & Alexandra Wrann


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