Freixenet's New Sparkling Wines Straight from the Tank

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Freixenet's "Cordon Negro" brand, Henkell Freixenet is undergoing extensive revisions. Alongside a brand redesign, the Freixenet logo is also receiving an update.

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The new design of the Freixenet brand "Cordon Negro" (Photo: Sascha Kreklau)
The new design of the Freixenet brand "Cordon Negro" (Photo: Sascha Kreklau)

Henkell Freixenet is using the 50th anniversary of the Freixenet brand "Cordon Negro" for extensive revisions. Not only the Cordon Negro brand is getting a facelift. The Freixenet logo itself is also changing from a cursive font to a printed font, while retaining the curved "x". The change covers the entire Freixenet product portfolio. The design is inspired by the mosaic façade of the Freixenet headquarters in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.

Even more significant are the changes to the "Carta Nevada" range. "Drought has resulted in significant crop losses," explains Vanessa Lehmann, the new Head of Communication at Henkell Freixenet. "In view of the shortage of grapes caused by the drought, it is impossible to meet the increasing demand," Lehmann adds. To provide the market with an alternative, the company is introducing the new line "Premium Sparkling Wine," which is similar in appearance to the Cava bestseller and will also be sold at a comparable price in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This Spanish sparkling wine is produced from Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes, utilizing tank fermentation instead of the traditional method.

"Our goal is to achieve an identical taste profile to the classic Carta Nevada," says Lehmann. The introduction of the new Cuvée d’Espagna is scheduled for August 1, 2024. Henkell Freixenet is confident that the Carta Premium Sparkling will help overcome the drought period. The industry has shown understanding for the introduction of the new product and praised the efforts to provide an alternative.

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