Will Brad Pitt Maintain Control of Miraval?

A court has ruled that Angelina Jolie did not have the right to 50% of the shares in the winery. However, the legal proceedings appear to be ongoing.

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Miraval: A success story and a bone of contention (Photo: Veritable)
Miraval: A success story and a bone of contention (Photo: Veritable)

The ongoing saga involving Château Miraval and the former Hollywood power couple known as Brangelina has taken a new turn, according to a report from the gossip column of the New York Post, Page Six. The dispute centers around the wine estate located in Provence, which has been subject to dispute following Angelina Jolie's sale of her shares to a Russian vodka manufacturer, leaving Brad Pitt sidelined.

At the heart of the matter is the ownership distribution of Miraval's shares: initially, Brad Pitt owned 60% and Angelina Jolie 40%. After their marriage, it's reported they made a "symbolic agreement" whereby Jolie acquired an additional 10% of Miraval for a single euro. However, Pitt has challenged this agreement in court, claiming it's unenforceable and that he should rightfully retain 60% ownership, thus implying Jolie couldn't have sold 50% of the shares.

According to Page Six, a court in Luxembourg has probably decided that the disputed 10% of the shares will be parked in an escrow account until a final decision is made. It's a partial success for Pitt, who would hold more shares than Jolie or the buyer Yuri Shefler (50 vs. 40). So far, however, this new state of affairs cannot be reliably verified.  VM


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