The fine wine private label

Cameron Hughes has done something unthinkable – made fine wine private labels and reinvented how consumers buy wine. Jeff Siegel has the story.

A new approach to wine history

Fancy seeing your wine estate written up by some of the world’s most authoritative wine writers, turned into a book that people will want to read, and bound between beautiful covers? Adam Lechmere reports on a new enterprise that is making it happen.

Natural wine labels on the borderline

Natural winemakers have long sought attention with risqué wine labels. But where is the border between bawdy fun and outright misogyny on a wine label? Aaron Ayscough asks the winemakers. 

Profit in a wine tube

One US company has used wine tube technology to build a thriving subscription service. Jeff Siegel reports.

The rise of new wine formats

The growing number of Zoom wine tastings is driving a new interest in small formats. James Lawrence has the story.

The French co-operative model

Robert Joseph looks at a giant company in a growth spurt and its very French way of doing business.

Perspectives on the pandemic fallout

Although a vaccine is finally in sight, the wine trade is still struggling with the fallout from the pandemic. James Lawrence asks four different wine companies how they have been coping, and their plans for the future.

Why the wine industry needs diversity of products

Biodiversity as a concept is as important to business as it is to the natural world, says Robert Joseph. 

Good vibrations - the selling of sensory pleasure

Sabrina Earnshaw is a sales professional with experience across two sensory industries. She shares what she’s learned with Felicity Carter.

The wine scholars

Jeni Port goes inside the Len Evans Tutorial, the world’s most exclusive wine school.

The first rung on the winemaking ladder

Roger Morris meets some cellar rats, the interns who travel the world to work vintage, the first step on their winemaking journey.

Wine, Covid-19 and the loss of smell

Loss of smell is a symptom of Covid-19. Jeni Port and Nicole Bilson learn more about it — and discover what can be done if you lose your sense of smell.

The four types of wine students

Educator Debra Meiburg MW says when she teaches her wine courses, she takes four distinct learning styles into account.