Armenia, Organic, Champagne & More: Meininger Verlag at ProWein

Never before has the Meininger publishing house been as prominently represented at ProWein as in 2024. Meininger Verlag offers an extensive seminar program at its booth and highlights its multifaceted expertise in wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages across three tasting zones. And on the day before the fair, the company kicks off the major industry gathering in Düsseldorf with Meininger’s Wine Conference and the Meininger Award.

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The awards open the event daily.
The awards open the event daily.

On the evening of March 9, the Who's Who of the international wine industry will gather for the Meininger Award in Düsseldorf. We await the winners of the Meininger Awards 2024 with anticipation and excitement. We also look forward to the personal exchanges and networking opportunities that are often scarce during the trade fair.

    Last year, the MWC focused on sustainability.
    Last year, the MWC focused on sustainability.
    The winners of the previous edition of the Meininger Award.
    The winners of the previous edition of the Meininger Award.

    Meininger's Wine Conference is the unofficial prelude to the Düsseldorf trade fair. On the Saturday before the trade fair, the conference sets the tone for the economic trends in the industry. After focusing on economic and ecological sustainability in 2023, this year's conference is dedicated to artificial intelligence and technology.


    Within the wine industry, the rapid advancement of technology presents a wealth of thrilling prospects. These will be prominently featured at Meininger's Wine Conference, under the theme: "Wine Goes Tech: From Robots to AI, From Vineyard to Shelf."

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    At the Meininger Stand, located in Hall 4, Stand A40, the publishing house is hosting an exciting and diverse tasting and seminar programme featuring top-notch speakers. It's recommended to arrive early as admission is on a "first come, first served" basis. Here's an overview of the programme:

    Sunday, 10 March

    • 10 am: MUNDUS VINI Best of Show Ceremony
      Presentation of the special “Best of Show” awards of the 34th MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award to the best wines presented at the competition. Presented by Head of Tasting, Christian Wolf.
    • 12 pm: Chasselas – Unique and Unmistakeable
      The grape variety Chasselas is becoming increasingly popular. The largest area under cultivation is in Switzerland. Some of the best Chasselas in the world grow here on mineral-rich soils. Presented by sommelier Yvonne Heistermann.
    • 1 pm: Armenia – Indigenous Wines from the Cradle of Winemaking
      Armenia is among the oldest of the wine-producing countries. Wine journalist Thomas Brandl takes you on a gripping journey into the mountains of South Caucasus.
    • 2 pm: Tikveš 1885 Chateaux & Domaines – Terroirs from the Balkan Mountains
      Tikveš is one of the most tradition-rich wineries in the Balkans. Thomas Brandl introduces premium products from small estates in the mountains of North Macedonia.
    • 3 pm: Pay d’Oc – Rosé is Trending
      Whether classical or refreshing, light or full-bodied or cuvée or from a single variety: expert Christine Balais presents trendy wines from France’s most important IGP for rosé wines. Variety guaranteed!
    • 4 pm: Leithaberg – Pure Minerality
      In the tension field between limestone and slate, thrilling DAC wines, both red and white, which distinctly express the distinct local flavours, are produced on the slopes of the easternmost foothills of the Alps. Presented by Sascha Speicher, editor-in-chief of Meininger’s Sommelier magazine.
    • 5 pm: Georgia – The Cradle of Wine
      A comparison of autochthone grape varieties: together, the two wine masters, Konstantin Baum and Janek Schumann, ask the question: Qvevri or no qvevri?
    Tasters demonstrate high concentration.
    Tasters demonstrate high concentration.
    Sascha Speicher is holding several masterclasses (Photo: Seredenkova)
    Sascha Speicher is holding several masterclasses (Photo: Seredenkova)

    Monday, 11 March

    • 10 am: Mundus Vini – The Best of Non-Alcoholic
      For only the second time in the history of MUNDUS VINI, alcohol-free products will be offered for tasting. Head of Tasting Christian Wolf awards to the best of them.
    • 11 am: Young Sommelier of the Year
      MEININGER’S SOMMELIER honours the three best up-and-coming sommeliers. Presented by the editor-in-chief of Meininger’s Sommelier, Sascha Speicher.
    • 12 pm: Good Mood, Good Wines: Meet the AOP Languedoc
      The Languedoc appellation harmonises perfectly with its surroundings, and the unique blends are sure to surprise the palate. Presented by sommelier Sam Povey.
    • 1 pm: What lies in store for Rosé?
      Christoph Nicklas, editor at Meininger, presents the rosé specialists “Vins de Provence” and “Valtènesi”, in the nexus between tradition and innovation.
    • 2 pm: Surprising World-class Wines from Château Purcari
      The Château Purcari Winery is among the exclusive few that have won the highest number of awards worldwide. Thomas Brandl presents, among others, the Moldavian cult wine, Negru de Purcari.
    • 3 pm: World Star Crémant de Loire
      At the mention of the name Loire, one thinks of Crémant de Loire. Loire expert Christoph Raffelt explains the distinctive features and diversity of this fine sparkling wine.
    • 4 pm: 100 Years of Biodynamics – A look into the Future of Viticulture
      11 Wines from 11 respected members. Could biodynamic wine-growing methods be the key to the future of wine? Presented by Sascha Speicher.
    • 5 pm: Champagne Blanc de Blancs
      An evergreen in the world of champagne, and still the most popular topic among German champagne lovers. Presented by Sascha Speicher.
    Full house at Meininger's.
    Full house at Meininger's.
    Christoph Raffelt is one of Germany's leading wine speakers.
    Christoph Raffelt is one of Germany's leading wine speakers.

    Tuesday, 12 March​​

    • 10 am: Presentation of the Wine Department of the Year Award
      The editorial team of the German wine trade magazine WEINWIRTSCHAFT honors the best wine departments in retail food stores in Germany. They demonstrate that there is indeed a place for top wines in supermarkets.
    • 11 am: Top Wines from Tessin
      Merlot clearly takes centre stage here. Taste a broad spectrum of wines with us – uncomplicated and fresh, fruity and elegant or full-bodied and intense. At the same time, you will discover Switzerland’s southernmost wine-growing region, Ticino. Presented by the President of the Sommelier Union, Yvonne Heistermann.

    ISW Discovery Bar

    Premiere in ProSpirits Hall 5: Meininger’s International Spirits Award opens the doors to its bar at Stand A15. It offers visitors an overview of the world of spirits with a wide range of award-winning products.

    The concept of the ISW Discovery Bar.
    The concept of the ISW Discovery Bar.

    For Christian Wolf, Head of Tasting at the Meininger publishing house, the ISW Discovery Bar is a dream come true. For the first time, the expertise of Meininger’s International Spirits Award will be on show for ProWein visitors to appreciate. "The new positioning as ProSpirits is a welcome opportunity for us to present our tasting results even more to the public," says Wolf.

    Visitors to the Discovery Bar can get a good overview of the diversity of the world of spirits and taste a variety of products, ranging from gin to vodka, rum and classical fruit brandies. Two bartenders are on hand to provide expert advice and help visitors choose.      

    Bar talks with Tim Allgaier

    Another highlight will be the bar talks with Tim Allgaier, the spirits specialist from FIZZZ, the magazine for urban and upcoming gastronomy. Allgaier sheds light on trending topics from the bar scene. He provides the guests at the Discovery Bar with an uncomplicated introduction to the world of spirits and explains what drives the industry. He conveys the creativity of the distillers who strive for the extraordinary. The presentation of the special competition awards, which honour the best products in each category and present them with a medal, also takes place at the ISW Discovery Bar.

    The debut of the ISW Discovery Bar is also the ideal occasion to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the competition. “Visionary distillers around the world are looking for new ways to make their spirits even better – veering off the beaten track or perhaps reverting back to old methods. As a result, spirits are constantly reaching new target groups that are eager to discover this endless variety for themselves,” characterises Christian Wolf the spirits industry.

    The booming culture of workshops and tastings are the best illustration of the new awareness of quality on the part of consumers. “However, with all this expanding variety, it’s becoming an ever-increasing challenge for customers to keep their bearings and find their way around. The experts who taste the spirits for ISW will help to provide the necessary orientation,” says Wolf.      


    Tasting Area - HALL 4, STAND A59

    One of the classics of ProWein is the tasting area of the MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Competition. In the Spring Tasting of 2024, at the end of February, around 7,000 wines from more than 40 countries were assessed by an international jury. Now, the award-winning wines are coming to the trade fair, fresh from the tasting. Here in the tasting area, these excellent wines will provide visitors to ProWein with good orientation for the trade fair and, of course, also an opportunity for inspiring, spontaneous discoveries.

    The awards ceremony for the special MUNDUS VINI awards will take place at 10 am on the Sunday, directly opposite the Meininger stand in Hall 4, Stand A40. On the Monday, the best dealcoholized products that have been entered in the competition will be chosen.

    Meininger is offering events ranging from galas and tastings to explorations.
    Meininger is offering events ranging from galas and tastings to explorations.
    The award-winning wines are displayed in an exclusive area.
    The award-winning wines are displayed in an exclusive area.

    Zero Tasting Area - HALL 1, STAND A10

    Dealcoholized wines were the trend at ProWein 2023. The interest in this young product category, that is slowly growing into its shoes, was overwhelming. After the successful premiere last year, the non-alcoholic products go into Round two. The wine-tasting section manned by Meininger publishing house offers a comprehensive overview of the development status of dealcoholized wines. Visitors have the opportunity to take their time and form their own individual impressions of the wines.

    Events Wine

    From morning until late afternoon, the ProWein days are dedicated to discovery, negotiation, and networking. Afterward, it's time to relax by participating in one of the many Wine & Dine opportunities, joining a champagne tasting, or perhaps visiting a fine restaurant with an extensive wine list. Here are some exciting suggestions from Wolfgang Fassbender.

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