ProWein: A Breakthrough?

WEINWIRTSCHAFT editor-in-chief Alexandra Wrann believes that this could be the right step for ProWein to gain new acceptance.

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Getting hotel prices under control (Photo: Firefly)
Getting hotel prices under control (Photo: Firefly)

I made the choice to refrain from commenting on ProWein temporarily. This decision was motivated by a desire to sidestep criticism and filter through the multitude of opinions, as a significant spectrum of perspectives has already been expressed, ranging from commendations to critiques, from farewells to optimistic proposals. Now, however, ProWein is doing, what my colleague Clemens Gerke and others have strongly advocated: It is taking the initiative. 

And, among other things, is starting where the pressure is really on at the moment, namely the ancillary costs of the trade fair. For a while, inquiries regarding these expenses have been met with the blanket statement that ProWein cannot influence hotel costs, for instance. Indeed, market forces prevail here; if individuals are willing to pay €500 per night, even in the most subterranean one-star hotel, then why not charge exactly that? If I were a hotel operator, I would probably do the same. 

But now ProWein wants to demonstrate its influence - after all, the majority of the business is owned by the city of Düsseldorf (56.5% to be precise), suggesting potential for exerting a certain degree of political and economic pressure. Consequently, ProWein announces in its latest press release that there are plans for improvement, "for example in the direction of hotel offers". 


The leading international trade fair ProWein wants to reinvent itself. In order to maintain its lead over the growing competition from Wine Paris and Vinitaly, it is striving to spread optimism in the industry - among other things with its new slogan "Discover The Taste of Tomorrow", as Messe Düsseldorf reports.

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This could be a breakthrough in the current ProWein status, even if only a symbolic one. Even if the announced "individual talks with numerous hotels in Düsseldorf" do not achieve the desired and longed-for relief on the room rate market by many exhibitors and visitors - it is definitely worth a try and shows the seriousness of the trade fair in tackling the really important problems. Many agree that the actual trade fair itself is only one factor. It is the general conditions that frustrate many. It's commendable that ProWein is addressing these critical issues, and I am surely not alone in this sentiment.



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