Is Abstinence the New Cool?

Like their US counterparts, younger consumers in Europe - GenZ - are less keen on alcohol than their elders, as a new survey reveals

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Tendency to abstinence in Europe (Source: Quelle: YouGov Global Profiles 6. April 2022)
Tendency to abstinence in Europe (Source: Quelle: YouGov Global Profiles 6. April 2022)

Germany's GenZ is in the lead when it comes to saying no to alcohol. Nearly half - 49% of the respondents aged 18 to 24 say they do not drink it, according to a new Europe-wide Geisenheim study which supports separate findings by Wine Intelligence.

Confirmed by Geisenheim Studies...


Gergely Szolnoki

Our studies show that the consumption behaviour of alcoholic beverages in the younger generation under 35 years of age differs significantly from that of older consumers.

Young people drink alcoholic beverages less regularly and on other occasions. 

Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki
Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences

"Consumption among young people is concentrated on the weekend and includes more out-of-home consumption, while among the older generations alcohol consumption is more evenly distributed and more strongly associated with meals.

Moreover, the importance of certain alcoholic beverages differs: wine is not an everyday drink for the young generation, but rather consumed 2-3 times a month. Which alcohol and how much is drunk depends strongly on socialisation and origin: family, circle of friends and region have a direct influence on the choice of alcoholic beverages," Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki added.

Alcohol moderation (Source: Wine Intelligence 2021)
Alcohol moderation (Source: Wine Intelligence 2021)

...and Wine Intelligence 

Wine Intelligence research came to the same result: "Globally, in mature markets, self-moderation is on the rise, with more than a third of regular wine drinkers saying they are cutting back on alcohol consumption. The percentage of regular wine drinkers who say they are self-moderating ranges from 36% in Japan to 58% in Switzerland. In two countries, the Netherlands and Switzerland, a majority of regular wine drinkers say they are cutting back, with Ireland nearly at the 50-50 mark (49%)."

This is important information for the wine industry. Marketing alone will probably not be enough to reverse the trend. 




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