Bordeaux: Changing Perception

Recognizing trends and reinventing oneself is essential to survive on the market. Bordeaux has been taking these steps successfully. A commentary by Alexandra Wrann.

Reading time: 1m 45s 

Devil's Advocate. Natural Wine: How Things Have Changed

Robert Joseph gained a reputation for being very critical of natural wine, but he's been keeping a watchful eye on its evolution. And encountered a few surprises along the way.

Reading time: 4m 30s

Devil's Advocate: Wine Labels - Sexy or Sober? Sophisticated or Childish?

As Robert Joseph considers how to label a new Georgian blend, he looks back at designs over the last half century, and wonders slightly at the overt sexiness of quite highly priced wines from very different producers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Reading time: 4m

Devil's Advocate: Learning From Hollywood Stars When Pricing Your Wine

Robert Joseph finds a link between the director of one of the greatest movies of all time and the world's most expensive Rosé.

Reading time: 4m

Devil's Advocate - Young People Really Care About Authenticity! Or Do They?

Robert Joseph questions a statement that many in the wine industry seem to be treating as a mantra.

Reading time: 1m

Devil's Advocate - Wine Producers and Supermarkets: an Unbalanced Relationship

When wine producers rely on big supermarkets to sell their wine, do they pause to consider whether those retailers share their business aspirations?

Reading time: 4m 15s

Devil’s Advocate – Forward to the Past. History Repeats Itself with Bulk-Shipping and Wine on Draught

Robert Joseph notes that, in some ways, the wine industry of the 2020s is increasingly beginning to look the way it did a hundred years ago...

Reading time: 3m 20s

Devil's Advocate - People Enjoy Wine More in Restaurants. Are you Really Surprised?

The wine industry focuses a lot of attention on the way wine performs in blind tastings and less on the way it is perceived by the people who actually drink it - and why. Top researchers are conducting studies but Robert Joseph impudently wonders if they are asking the right questions.

Reading time: 4m 45s

Devil’s Advocate – How does Luxury Wine Differ from Luxury Lingerie and Ice Cream?

Robert Joseph wonders whether the way luxury underwear and chocolates are defined might be usefully applied to wine.

Reading time: 5m