How much is too much? A comparative look at recommended weekly alcohol intake across the world 

Alcohol limits vary greatly by country and by gender. David Morrison takes a fascinating look at the data.

Cheaper Champagne, pricier Pinot Grigio and maybe a battle with the EU as UK revolutionises its wine tax regime

For the first time in 140 years, the British government is changing the way it taxes alcohol. This could have an impact beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. Robert Joseph reports.

Mixed feelings in Bordeaux

The owner of one St Emilion chateau has to pay a fine, while another does not. Robert Joseph considers this latest storm-in-a-wineglass.

Russian stock exchange sends a message to the wine world

Shares of Russian alcohol companies rose on news of the introduction of a lockdown from 28 October. What other factors could be behind the volatility in the Russian market? Meininger investigates.

Mixing it up in Italy

Robert Joseph discovers a trio of wines at Vinitaly Special Edition that make him rethink his position.

Romania, South Africa and Spain increase bulk exports to Germany, while Italy, Chile and the US all lose sales.

No other country now imports more wine than Germany. In this market overview, using data from the World Bulk Wine Fair’s Bulk Wine Club we analyse where most of that wine comes from – and the broad range of prices between producing countries.

Italian wine production: the state of play in October 2021

In Italy, where so much buying and selling of grapes and bulk wine takes place every year, the 25 leading wine brokers have a unique insight into production and market trends. Veronika Crecelius of Weinwirtschaft magazine talks to Andrea Verlicchi president of Med.&A, the association that brings together these businesses to discover the impact the 2021 vintage is likely to have on the availability and prices of some of the most popular styles of wine.

Dressed-down Vinitaly

Robert Joseph visits Vinitaly 'Special Edition' and discovers a very different atmosphere to the Vinitaly events he is used to.

Rieussec rings the changes in Sauternes

The beautiful poor relation of the red Crus Classés of Bordeaux, Sauternes is desperately in need of imagination and inspiration. The owners of Châteaux Lafite and Rieussec are facing up to the challenge. Robert Joseph wonders whether others will follow their example.

The exploding costs of wine production

Worldwide, the costs of wine production increase. In Germany, too, the producer complaints are getting louder and louder. We analysed Germany's wine production cost structure.

Who’s more rational? The Swiss or the Australians?

On his return from a trip to Switzerland, Robert Joseph draws some parallels between attitudes to watches and wine, and corks and screwcaps. 

What James Bond could teach the wine industry

Should Provence Rosé be pale? Should English fizz be made in the same way as Champagne? And should the next Bond be a woman? Robert Joseph sees some connections between these questions

Ten reasons why English Sparkling Wine is not the new New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Most wine writers presume that English Sparkling wine is destined for international success. Indeed, some have compared the young industry to the one that sprang up in New Zealand in the 1980s. Robert Joseph has his doubts. 

New international sustainability organisation sets ambitious goals

A group of global players want to develop a worldwide standard. This is welcome, says Alexandra Wrann, but the task may not be straightforward.

Not what you thought

Robert Joseph considers the export competition between South Africa's raisins, grapes and wine - and the surprisingly low average price of wine in the UK.