'Better for you' - the new category for wine

US researchers have discovered that age and sex drives wine drinkers' attitudes towards how grapes are grown and that a surprising number of professionals believe calories and carbohydrates to be important too.


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Gift Boxes - A Welcome Move for Wine?

Château Phélan-Ségur has just announced the creation of a pair of gift boxes, following the lead of Champagne, but breaking ranks with most other Bordeaux estates.

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Selling the man behind the Dan Murphy's retail brand

Dan Murphy's, Australia's best-known wine retailer is 70 years old. A new advertising campaign seeks to humanise the brand and set it apart from its competitors. Robert Joseph reports.

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FUTUREWATCH: Critic Publishers

As the number of subscription-funded online wine reviewers grows, questions are being asked about the generosity and integrity of some of their scores. Robert Joseph reports  

New power to the platform: How Vivino and Pix revolutionizing communication and distribution

New platforms, Vivino and, now Pix, are changing the way producers and distributors are communicating about wine - and selling it. Robert Joseph reports.

FUTUREWATCH: Retail – Flash Sales

Once, continuity of supply was an essential factor for almost any product that was not sold from a market stall. Then Zara introduced the notion of When It's Gone It's Gone to clothes buyers who learned to grab bargains in its shops when they saw them. The online version of that model is now being adopted by a wine industry that often has excess inventory. 


    PIWI - an idea whose time has come?

    Hybrid grapes used to be treated with disdain by the wine industry. Now German enthusiasm for new varieties of resistant varieties European moves against chemical treatments are helping to support their cause

    Butter and Bourbon

    Buttery and Bourbon-flavoured wines may not be the favourite styles of many critics, but for brands like Mondavi, they are proving popular and successful

    Sparkling wine - still growing

    The range of the world's sparkling wines continues to expand

    Natural wine moves into the mainstream

    Natural, sulphor-free, unfined and unfiltered wine was once seen as being on the fringes of the wine world. Now it is entering the mainstream

    Clean Wine - Unlikely To Be Washed Away Anytime Soon

    The 'Clean Wine' phenomenon is now well established in the US. Will it survive?

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    Rosé - still growing

    Pink wine has become part of the mainstream, and will remain there

    Celebrity Wine

    The announcement of 19 Crimes partnership with Martha Stewart, is bound to fuel discussion of this form of marketing.

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    Are the days of cheap shipping over?

    The cost of transporting products across the world rose tenfold during the pandemic. They have fallen since then, but remain higher than in 2019. What are the prospects for the future?

    Wine fights to maintain its 'share of throat'

    The line between wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and alternatives is becoming increasingly blurred - as Coca Cola and Constellation are demonstrating. Robert Joseph has his own opinion on the subject.