Wajiu buys Torres China, Ending Western Domination of Chinese Wine Imports

The market for Chinese wine imports halved in 2022. As would-be exporters watch with concern, the acquisition of Summergate and now Torres China by a fast-growing, but previously little-noticed, Chinese business changes the nature of the market. Robert Joseph reports.

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The Riverland’s Misery Is a Warning

Vineyards are being abandoned in South Australia’s Riverland, as a combination of bad weather and lower demand for wine grapes bites. But growers elsewhere are also suffering, writes Felicity Carter.

Reading time: 4m 15s

Sweden's Wine Market: How Far Will Liberalisation Go?

The Swedish Supreme Court has ruled that online marketing and sales of wine from abroad may now be allowed as a private import, even if a Swedish parent company is involved in the administration of the company. Anja Zimmer takes a look at the background.

Reading time: 3m 45s

Confusing New Wine Taxes Threaten UK Wine Market

In the 1980s and 1990s, the United Kingdom was the world’s most valuable and influential export market for wine. Largely as a result of increased competition from other countries, more recently exacerbated by Brexit, it has lost that role. A new tax regime will make it even less attractive to exporters. Robert Joseph reports.

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"Brought to You By…" How to Get the Most out of Sponsorship

Sponsoring events can be exciting for wine producers, but all aspects need to be carefully considered. Roger Morris reports.

Reading time: 9m

Treasury Wine Estates' Innovative AI-based Marketing Approach

Big companies are already using AI to get a competitive advantage. Felicity Carter finds out about a new project from Treasury Wine Estates.

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Nordic Monopolies Struggle with Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is becoming as significant a topic as environmental responsibility. But defining it, and establishing where to place responsibility, is proving particularly difficult for Nordic monopolies. Petri Pellinen and Robert Joseph report.

Reading time: 5m

Gérard Bertrand and the Renaissance of Rosé and Orange Wines

Can rosé ever be considered fine wine? Gérard Bertrand not only thinks so, he launched the most expensive rosé in the world to prove it. Now he’s got his sights set on orange wine, as Robert Joseph reports.

Reading time: 6m 15s

Bordeaux: Crisis or Opportunity?

France's prestigious Bordeaux region is struggling with too much wine and too little demand. Here's how the wine-growing region is planning to fight its way out of the crisis. Alexandra Wrann reports.

Reading time: 11m 45s

How to Survive as a Family Winery: Become a Corporation

Roger Morris reveals how, while some have chosen to sell out to big corporations, some family wineries in California have thrived by becoming family-owned corporations.

Reading time: 6m 15s

Unlocking the US Wine Market: 7 Key Insights from Industry Veteran Brian Rosen

The US wine market is one of the most lucrative in the world, but it’s complex and challenging for small wine brands looking to establish themselves. An industry expert offers Felicity Carter his key tips and insights on how wine brands can beat the odds.

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Beyond Greenwashing

Sustainability has become mainstream and is a crucial factor in wine production and sales. But how can credible sustainable customer engagement be achieved? 5 tips for a sustainable communication by Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker. 

Reading time: 4m

China: Not Guilty of Causing Australia’s Wine Industry Crisis

Australian wineries have huge volumes of unsold wine. Most media coverage blames China’s swingeing punitive tariffs for this situation. But, as Dudley Brown reveals, Beijing’s responsibility for the situation is quite limited.

Reading time: 4m

Inside South Africa’s Increasingly Impressive Wine Tourism Industry

From restorative tourism to revitalising rural areas, Mariëtte du Toit-Helmbold has seen it all. She tells Felicity Carter what’s going on in South Africa.

Reading time: 6m 15s

Accolade to Sell Banrock Station Winery

The Australian wine group Accolade Wines is looking into selling the well-known Banrock Station winery in the Riverland. However, the brand will not be part of the deal.

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